Like most people, the founders of Fed Thrill were sick of paying hundreds of dollars to get overpriced sunglasses from high end brands. What started out as a simple question, "Is it possible to find a high quality brand of sunglasses at an affordable rate?", became a turning point. We quickly realized that in order to find sunglasses that were stylish and that we would want to wear, then we'd have to do it ourselves.

We wanted to give ourselves and you, our supporters, an option to be able to have a brand name pair of sunglasses without wasting your hard-earned money. Imagine, that money can be spent on trips to the beach, concerts, sporting events; any experience that involves what life has to offer.

Those who have been to Baltimore know it's all about the local neighborhood charm. From the corner restaurants, to the upscale bars that womp late into the night; the many communities of Baltimore all have their unique qualities. From Canton to Hampden, Towson to Columbia, Baltimore has something for everyone.

Our focus was to honor our city. From the hometown sports teams to the crabs pulled from the Cheaspeake Bay, we live and love all that is Baltimore. The nickname "Fed Thrill" has often been used by local residence and commuters alike to describe our unique neighborhood known as Federal Hill. These sunglasses are a tribute to those who live life to the fullest, want to look good while doing it, and never forget their roots.

Every pair of Fed Thrill sunglasses must meet the following criteria:

-High Quality Reinforced Materials - We use the same materials as high-end fashion labels. All our glasses have construction-grade plastic and reinforced hinges. We believe in our product so much that we offer a a 6 month warranty, including free shipping.

-Cutting Edge Lenses - Polarized, 100% UV Protection, UV400 graded, impact resistant lenses

-Priced Right - We removed the huge mark-up that people are used to paying for top brand names.

Using these founding principles, we have created the perfect pair of sunglasses.

Don't believe us? Try them free at no risk.

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